Hayat & Georgie, Cape Point Vineyards

Hayat & Georgie, Cape Point Vineyards


Videographer: Missing Piece Films
Venue: cape point vineyards
Coordinator: twocherries
Photographer: www.kikitography

Begin your happily ever after amidst the breathtaking beauty of Cape Point Vineyards, where the vast Atlantic Ocean kisses the horizon and majestic mountain views frame your precious moments. Celebrate your love story at a beautiful, unique wedding venue with the perfect blend of natural splendour and tailored elegance, promising a wedding day as unforgettable as your journey together.

Discover the enchanting Cape Point Vineyards, a family-owned haven in Noordhoek, Cape Town, where the vast Atlantic Ocean meets captivating mountain views.
With over 10 years of expertise, Cape Point Vineyards has successfully hosted countless intimate gatherings and grand affairs. Our versatile vineyard setting is adept at accommodating your every requirement.

Cape Point Vineyards takes pride in crafting a unique and personal touch for each special occasion, ensuring that your wedding, set against our panoramic vistas, becomes an unforgettable celebration of love. From the sweeping landscapes to our dedicated team’s attention to detail, we invite you to embark on a journey with us and transform your dreams into reality.

Cape Point Vineyards ensures a seamless alignment with each couple’s vision by offering personalized guidance in the venue selection process. We customize venue options to meet specific needs, provide valuable insights, and creating the perfect stage for your special day.