Q & A

Some frequently asked questions:

[ut_togglegroup] [ut_toggle title=”Q: How many cameras/camera-operators will be used to capture my wedding day?” state=”closed”] A: No matter what film package you choose, each wedding is filmed with two camera operators and 3 or 4 cameras, utilising the same techniques. David generally spends the morning and early afternoon filming the Bride & Groom’s preparations. Both David and assistant film the ceremony and spend the remainder of the day working as a well-oiled machine. More cameras may be employed depending upon the scope of the event and circumstances. [/ut_toggle] [/ut_togglegroup]

[ut_togglegroup] [ut_toggle title=”Q: Is having two camera operators and 3 or 4 cameras obtrusive?” state=”closed”]A: Quite the contrary. Having two camera operators and multiple cameras allows us to place ourselves strategically to capture things more naturally as they happen. We won’t have to stand in front of the main action as a single camera operator would in order to get a clean view. We also make use of telephoto lenses to remove ourselves physically from the action and capture things intimately from afar. We do whatever we can to not detract from any part of your wedding day. [/ut_toggle] [/ut_togglegroup]

[ut_togglegroup] [ut_toggle title=”Q: What’s the difference between the Directors Cut (feature film) and Silver Screen (Full Length Feature) offering?” state=”closed”] A: The feature film is the creative edit. This is what we term our cinematic movie going experience. We offer a 20-35 minute feature film. The full documentary on the other hand will allow you to relive your entire wedding day, prep, vows, photo shoots, special reception spotlight dances (first dance and parents dances) and your reception toasts and speeches in their entirety, without special editing but with multiple camera angels.  The Silver Screen does however have all the sounds tracks and audio in place, no short cuts are taken. [/ut_toggle] [/ut_togglegroup]

[ut_togglegroup] [ut_toggle title=”Q: Do we get to pick our own music?” state=”closed”] A: Yes, and no. You are hiring us to create a piece of “art” that represents your wedding day to the best of our ability. So naturally, if you are adamant about having music in your film but it doesn’t fit the mood or feeling of your day, we aren’t doing our job. With that said, we want this film to represent you, not us! We will ask you what music you like! From that starting point, we actually seek out music based on your preferences. [/ut_toggle] [/ut_togglegroup]

[ut_togglegroup] [ut_toggle title=”Q: Do you work well with photographers?” state=”closed”] A: We make it a point to call your photographer the week before your wedding if we haven’t worked with them before. This always allows us to ease the tensions that some photographers feel, and also establish a “team effort” mentality with the ones that understand this is your day and we are all there to deliver the best for the couple. [/ut_toggle] [/ut_togglegroup]

[ut_togglegroup] [ut_toggle title=”Q: When will I receive my wedding film?” state=”closed”] A: Within 12 weeks of the filming date. [/ut_toggle] [/ut_togglegroup]