Commercial Videographer

As a Commercial Videographer I’m driven to produce exceptional work for clients. I go above and beyond ensuring that their expectations are met in order for them to achieve their advertising or marketing goals with these videos.


The commercial videos produced are a type of advertisement and are generally produced for social media, or other platforms of the internet where there are many options to view this content. It is meant as a promotion for your company, service, or product. These videos tend to have a duration of some 30 seconds, this is the amount of time taken to make an impactful statement and draw customers into the offering. As a Commercial Videographer I understand that client have different needs and one size doesn’t fit all. We tailor make your projects according to your needs and goals and in many instances longer videos are required to achieve the objectives, this is something we also cater for.

As a Commercial Videographer I place emphasis on the follow criteria for each of the videos produced for clients.

  1. Making sure the videos have the right duration to get the message across most effectively.
  2. The video should have potential to go viral and achieve likes, follows and ultimately news business leads and conversions.
  3. A “call to action” should be present making conversions possible.
  4. Good strong branding should be present and clear.
  5. The content of the video should hold the audience’s attention throughout.

If you are looking for a Commercial Videographer for you next project I would love to discuss the brief with you.