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“art and soul at front and centre”

“art and soul at front and centre”

Channelling years of filming experience into our wedding videography has given us the recognition as being the most reputable Luxury Wedding Videographer in Cape Town. Your vision for your destination wedding in Cape Town determines my approach. Our wedding videos are captured with art and soul at front and centre. Cinematic and timeless, as a Luxury Wedding Videographer we take on only a limited number of weddings per year.

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Luxury Wedding Videography

“Our approach on the day is to be mindful and intuitive so as to be sure that we capture your personal story and the uniqueness of your destination wedding in Cape Town” 

 Our team of professionals and are sensitive to the fact that this is a big day with a big build up. Having the understanding of what it takes to pull off a destination wedding in Cape Town, where you want everything to be perfect for your guests. It is for this reason that we ask to meet you before your wedding so as to get to know you as a couple and to clarify the details. By meeting you to chat and to get to know you in advance means that we are not strangers to you on the day and we recognize our need to be as prepared as possible.

 We want the perfection you’ve worked towards to be perfectly reflected in our film.

The vision of your personalised and unique destination wedding in Cape Town determines our approach as we channel many years of filming and sound recording experience into your film to produce a masterpiece. For me David Stone, a professional and details-oriented Luxury Wedding Videographer the planning process is really important and we ask that you provide us with as much detail as you can. We need the maximum information to be best prepared to have a great video outcome of your destination wedding in Cape Town.

The team visits all your chosen locations in advance (where you will each be getting dressed, the church or ceremony location, the pier the boat will stop at, or perhaps where your car will drop you, where the reception will take place, where we can do the couple photo shoot). The aim is to determine all the logistics before-hand, examine the light quality and consider your chosen timeline so that we arrive on your wedding day completely prepared and focused. Your destination wedding in Cape Town will be perfect and so must your video produced by your Luxury Wedding Videographer.

Much of our preparation is done through communication with me, David Stone, before your wedding day. I wish to get a sense of who you are, what matters to you, and how you envision your destination wedding in Cape Town which helps us to tailor your luxury wedding video to reflect all of this.

South African Wedding Videographer South African Wedding Videographer South African Wedding Videographer South African Wedding Videographer South African Wedding Videographer

Luxury Wedding Videographer in Cape Town

Our masterful Luxury Wedding Videography in spectacular locations in and around Cape Town!

Wedding Videography Packages

To be perfectly honest we are not big fans of destination wedding “packages”, we find them to be stifling and they limit our creative process. Perhaps this is one clear area which sets us apart from other destination wedding videographers in Cape Town. We only offer comprehensive coverage for our clients to ensure that when we pack our gear away at the end of the evening we have captured everything that we need, to be confident that we are able to tell your unique story and have served our purpose as a Luxury Wedding Videographer.

Missing Piece Films are not clock watchers, far from it! We also don’t like the concept of being booked for a certain number of hours only.

Your selection process

We believe that the key to the selection process for a Luxury Wedding Videographer in Cape Town must start with the viewing of our films to see if what we do inspires you. After all you are probably looking for the best Luxury Wedding Videographers in Cape Town and viewing our work will certainly be part of this important process. Should our films inspire you we would love to talk to you about your upcoming destination wedding or other event so that together we can capture your unique and special story. We love being able to do that! Talk to us about your upcoming wedding or other event so that together we can capture your story.

Luxury Wedding Videographer

Wedding cinematographer Italy
Wedding Cinematographer - Italy

Videography style

Capturing your story in the most authentic, beautiful and emotional way possible that will inspire and move all those who watch your wedding films.

Missing Piece Films love working with couples who are seeking the perfect wedding filmmaking team. We are professional, reliable and strive for perfection.  We appreciate that each wedding film is unique and strive  to capture what makes your day so special and unique. We seek out all those special moments, the emotional exchanges, the laughs, the tears, the smiles and overall joy that emanates from your wedding day. 


It has been an honour to film the most intimate of destination weddings in Cape Town, especially elopements in Cape Town.

As the world has changed due to Covid-19 many couples have had to replan their destination weddings. There is a trend where weddings are transitioning from large formal gatherings to smaller intimate weddings and in some cases, elopements are even considered. We are experienced in this area and can offer advice on many fronts. A wedding video of your elopement in Cape Town is essential if you wish to show those that were not there!

Luxury event videography

Just as we do with weddings, for event videography we capture all the special moments and social elements of your event.

From product launch gatherings to awards ceremonies or press releases, we would approach your event with the same professionalism that we do a destination wedding.


Luxury Wedding Videographer


Documentary filmmaking & videography

Documentary films are non-fictional, usually a “slice of life” or factual works of art. We as video production specialists and filmmakers have immense experience and knowledge to be able to create documentary films that tell unique stories.

Luxury Wedding Videographer

Travel and destination filming

Over the years we have produced marketing style films of top travel brands like Beachcomber Hotels in Mauritius and the Seychelles, also for hotels and guesthouses in South Africa and the Dolomites, Italy. 

Here we  showcase their unique selling points in a specially crafted film either for their website or social media platforms. 

This is a useful way to allow viewers to experience what your destination offers and to provoke some call to action.

Promotional videos

Promotional videos are an effective tool in marketing that successfully provides good information in the shortest amount of time.

Good promotional videos are ones created as punchy, short, fun films that hold the viewer’s interest.

Music videos

Missing Piece Films is involved from budget through to concept, working  with you throughout the production process. At all times we are as invested as you are, in making a music video that will stand out and tell your story. Included here could be the filming of your live concert, studio recording and any post production.

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Where are we?

Wedding videographers Italy, Europe and beyond

Missing Piece Films is based in Toscolano-Maderno on beautiful Lake Garda, Northern Italy but this does not stop us from travelling to other available, romantic wedding film locations in Italy, Europe and beyond.

Typically these come up as being on the Amalfi coast, such as Sorrento or Capri, Florence or the Chianti region in Tuscany, wild Umbria, romantic Venice, Verona, Rome, Lake Como, the majestic Dolomites just to name a few. We travel and work throughout Italy and Internationally. We believe our wedding videography work speaks for itself. Please take a look at any of our short Italian wedding videos posted on our website and see if what we do inspires you. If so, we would love to talk to you about your upcoming wedding or other event and capture your story.


How long will it take before we get our films?

We film a limited number of weddings a year, max 20 so as to be able to focus on each one adequately. We consider ourselves to not be cookie cutter filmmakers thus we don’t roll them out on a production line. In this way each film spends time in post-production where it is beautifully crafted into your unique film. Our turnaround time is usually 30 – 40 days.

Do you need to feed us and water us?
Not really, but we hope that you will! Hungry and thirsty videographers tend to think about their tummys rather than the wedding underway. So providing us with a meal on the day will not only be appreciated but will save time and avoid us having to unpack our picnic basket.
Do you film weddings in other countries besides Italy?

Yes, we do. Even if we are based in Toscolano-Maderno on beautiful Lake Garda we are close to airports and highways and can get to almost anywhere in a matter of hours. We travel and work throughout Italy, Europe and beyond.

Why are you more expensive than other wedding videographers?

We strongly believe that your investment with us is a reflection of the quality of our work. We are continually investing in tech and equipment that will make our films better. Our clients are left 100% satisfied, as per our reviews on Junebug Weddings. We invest time into your film at every level to produce a unique and authentic product all the time and every time!

What is your documentary styled film?

We don’t believe that there are any short cuts to editing a wedding film so we always start with the full documentary version. We edit your entire wedding from groom and bride preparation until the late night dancing and you will also receive this version so that you can have the opportunity to re-experience your entire wedding day. Why we do this from an editing point of view is to extract what is essential to the story-telling part of your film, something like a treasure hunt! This is usually 50-80 minutes viewing time. Clients often remark that they are pleased with this version because they personally missed so many small details or they just weren’t in the same space at that moment.

What is the “Main Feature” film?
Having now found what are essentially the parts of your story we carefully craft this into a cinematic film with sound track, colour grading and at the heart of it, your personal story. Usually 20-30 minutes viewing time.
What is the “Highlights” film?

Your Highlights film is essentially an edited-down version of the “Main Feature” adding pace and further finessing of your film. Usually 5-10 minutes viewing time. The correct length to share online with your friends.

Who picks the music?

Respectfully I do! Having filmed and edited weddings for 15 years I have a strong sense of what music enhances the film giving it that cinematic feel. Most importantly, we pay for the music we put online so that it is legal and not infringing on copyright laws, this also supports the music artist in their craft. However I am always ready to listen to a client’s view in this regard.

What is your style?
We always look the part on the day and blend in well with all your well-dressed guests, however you are probably interested in our style of filming here.
Authentic and timeless, touched with an emotional mysticism, the wedding films that come from David’s studio carry an undeniable air of romance and elegance. Having worked on numerous feature films, documentaries and television productions in the past, David found his truest passion in the art of telling love stories. Missing Piece Films creates films that tell the story of your wedding day unobtrusively and artistically, crafting every unique film as the most important of their career. David and Tania enjoy travelling across Italy documenting love stories. Junebug Weddings

Each time we film an event, we see it as the most important shoot we will ever have and its treated that way. Videographers such as ourselves spend time getting to know their subject. We carefully consider, interpret and enhance what falls into our frame, to present a professional movie-like experience. All that we do, we do with joy, passion and taking a unique perspective to tell your story in a way that is simply engaging.

Our passion is to produce, emotional, breath-taking and fun filled wedding and other event videos for our clients. We want to inspire and be inspired by our couples, and for this reason we produce a limited number of wedding videos per year. Our videos are personalised and handcrafted for each and every one of our clients.

Our signature style seeks out the emotion, connection and movement, which play out abundantly on the day. Our films capture this in a most unique way.

We believe our wedding videography work speaks for itself. Please take a look at any of our short Italian wedding videos posted on our website and see if what we do inspires you. If so, we would love to talk to you about your upcoming wedding or other event and capture your story.

Do you work well with photographers?

Absolutely, especially those who can identify that the couple are the most important people on the day, the bride is your queen do as she wishes. I have made many friends in this industry and have even taken photos as a second shooter for some photographers.

How long have you been a wedding videographer?

Probably too long but cant give up this passion I have for wedding films, telling stories and travelling the globe. Yes, it’s an addiction that I have had for some 15 years, incidentally I spent 15 years in the movie industry before identifying my passion in wedding cinematography.

What sets you apart from other wedding videographers?

My Prada shoes I guess! On a serious note – engagement! We meet every couple before the day of their wedding so as to get to know them at least a little before their wedding day. Hearing their story unfold is key to good storytelling in their film.

We go to great lengths to remain as unobtrusive as possible and since we have experience and a solid skill set it is easy for us to blend in. Excellent editing, camera work, sound track and storytelling is what we pride ourselves in.

What are the next steps?

You are most welcome to fill in the contact form provided, or reach out to us through WhatsApp with the link found on our website and lets see if we can meet “face-to-face” on a Zoom call.


Emily & Jeff - Villa Vittoria, Lake Como, Italy

It takes knowing love to truly see love. Thanks to our extremely talented videographers, a wonderful married couple named David & Tania (owners of Missing Piece Films) who surrounded us with their kindness and good energy, we are able to have a wonderful memento of our wedding day. Because we had an elopement and our families & friends weren’t in attendance, it was so important to us that our video captured the love we felt that day and the beauty of our surroundings. Our expectations were exceeded!!! If you ever need a videographer, check out Missing Piece Films! They are amazingly talented and most importantly, genuinely good people!!

Emily & Jeff – Villa Vittoria, Lake Como, Italy

Robyn & Adam Cotswolds, United Kingdom

We were so pleased with the final result of our wedding video that David created. We were married in the Cotswolds, UK and David made the most of his time over from SA by filming a short story for us the day before the wedding. David also filmed a few scenes from our intimate family rehearsal dinner which was so wonderful. We really felt he went above and beyond for us and the end result is something we will treasure forever. Myself and my husband were not used to being in front of a camera but David guided us and helped us act natural and nothing appeared to be too posed. David worked incredibly well with our lovely photographer and the two complimented each other and worked incredibly well together. We would 100% recommend the team to brides and grooms to be. It was a pleasure to work with them. 

Robyn & Adam – Cotswolds, United Kingdom

Maria & Josh - Villa Scopetella Tuscany, Italy

David was so amazing, he has tons of talent and knows exactly what to film, he was very professional and I am so extremely pleased he captured my son’s wedding on video for us to keep and treasure forever. I think he is a wonderful person and I am so glad I met him and his beautiful wife they are both awesome! 

Maria & Josh – Villa Scopetella Tuscany, Italy

Agata & Richard – Niki’s Resort Umbria, Italy

If you’re wondering whether wedding video is a necessity… YES, it absolutely is! When we received a preview of our wedding photos, we were so excited to see the day from another perspective. But when we got the video trailer made by David, oh my, it took us back to re-live the day! Really enjoyed working with David, he’s very creative and has great ideas to capture the best moments. And he can really put together a story in your wedding film. We had a rehearsal party, daytime wedding In Italian countryside and a pool afterparty – all filmed using various techniques and cameras, from drone shots to perfect wedding ring close ups and underwater shots at the pool party. I can’t recommend David enough! 

Agata & Richard – Niki’s Resort Umbria, Italy

Gemma & Gordon - Malcesine Castle Lake Garda, Italy

I can’t really put into words how much I adore David & Tania, and the films they have captured/created of our wedding day, but I’ll try. I put a fair bit of research into choosing our videographer, and am so glad I chose MPF. David & Tania are both so warm and friendly, and their passion and love for what they do is so obvious. I’ve already watched our film countless times, and will treasure it always. David is a joy to deal with, from first contact to delivery of the finished product everything was so straightforward and enjoyable. Our guests also thought they were fantastic, so friendly but discreet- even the camera shy amongst us could forget they were being filmed and just have fun! Thank you so very much! Thank you so, so much for giving us such wonderful memories of our special day.

Gemma & Gordon – Malcesine Castle Lake Garda, Italy

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