Conor & Vanessa / Isola del Garda / Italy

Conor & Vanessa / Isola del Garda / Italy

Videographer: Missing Piece Films
Venue: Isola Del Garda
Coordinator: Ginny Bevan
Photographer: The Lovers



The breath-taking island named Isola del Garda on Lake Garda set the stage for a charming destination wedding in Italy that would be treasured forever. The picturesque island, adorned with lush gardens, picturesque terraces, and an impressive 19th-century Venetian neo-Gothic villa, was nothing short of a paradise for the newlyweds and their guests. The glistening waters of Lake Garda provided a stunning backdrop as the sun cast a warm and romantic glow over the festivities.

As the bride gracefully entered to the tunes of the violinists, emotions ran high. The ceremony took place overlooking an enchanting Italian garden and the lake, where fragrant flowers intertwined with ancient statues, creating a whimsical atmosphere. Family and friends watched on as the couple exchanged vows, making their commitments to each other amidst the serenity of the lake.

After the wedding ceremony, the celebration shifted to the villa’s gardens. The aroma of delectable cuisine filled the air as guests indulged in a culinary journey of local delicacies, paired with the finest champagne from France. Laughter and excitement echoed throughout as the first group photo was taken with our drone. Later that night after a fireworks display the newlyweds shared their first dance, accompanied by the passionate sounds of a live band.

The wedding filmed at Isola del Garda perfectly captured the harmonious blend of historical charm and romantic ambiance that the island offered.