Maria and Joshua / Villa Scopetello

Maria and Joshua  / Villa Scopetello

Villa Scopetello

Videographer: Missing Piece Films
Venue: Villa Scopetello
Coordinator: Sonja & Michael (Villa Scopetello)
Photographer: Andrea Fabbrini


Josh and Maria’s wedding in Italy was always going to be joyful, romantic and about their love. They chose Villa Scopetello a charming 700 year old villa in the heart of beautiful Tuscany to host their wedding in Italy.

“We were on one of our great adventures along the Pacific coast when Josh popped the question. We had taken the Amtrak to Seattle and rented a car to drive down the Pacific Coast. We decided make our first stop in Canon Beach, Oregon, and have a picnic with various foods we picked up at Pikes Place Market earlier. The setting could not have been more perfect, with beautiful views and an adoring sunset. After laying out the blanket of food, Josh set up the camera on the tripod, handed me the camera remote, and got down on one knee. I kind of blacked out at that moment, but the photos reveal one of the most meaningful moments in our lives. I do remember saying yes and laughing uncontrollably.”

– Maria, Bride


Their ceremony was in the gardens at the flower laden arch on the lawns where guests had a view of the Tuscan hills with rows of cypress and olives trees that so describes this region.

A gorgeous corner of Tuscany that we used as the location for the couple shoot in our clients’ wedding video in Italy was the charming Tuscan farm stay of Tenuta la Fratta which was infact our accommodation that weekend allowing us to bring our clients in for the couple video shoot. We are a professional, pro-active team and are always on the look-out for gorgeous locations suitable for our clients’ video, and in this case we found it! They were thrilled as the background was stunning and the soft light just perfect. You could even consider this location for your magnificent wedding in Italy. Tuscany being such a charming, historic part of Italy, boasts many choices for your inspired wedding in Italy. Choices that can be mind boggling!

Villa Scopetello is intimate and charming, so is perfect for a smaller wedding which was the case for Maria and Josh. With gorgeous surroundings, exquisite food from “la cucina alla italiana”, Tuscan wines and a personalised family feel (oh so Italian!) this was a wedding to remember.