Pier & Chantel / Ravello / Italy

Pier & Chantel / Ravello / Italy

Videographer: Missing Piece Films
Venue: Hotel Villa Fraulo
Coordinator: Chantel Camara
Photographer: Chelsey


It gives us enormous joy to meet wonderful people during our film work. This wedding was this type of moment. The marriage of Chantel and Pier which took place in a 1000 year old church in the hilltop town of Ravello overlooking the Amalfi Coast brought us, as flimmakers, the opportunity to witness a really special destination wedding in Italy. The words spoken on the day were deep and meaningful and we felt privileged to be able to capture the deep love of this couple and the warmth of their families. What a joy it is for us to share this short film with you.

Set in the picturesque town of Ravello, Chantel and Pier’s destination wedding unfolded like a dream. The enchanting Amalfi Coast provided a stunning backdrop, with its cascading cliffs and azure Mediterranean waters. As the sun cast its warm golden rays over the old Chiesa di Santa Maria di Gradillo, Chantel having arrived in a vintage convertible Fiat 500 nuova, glided down the aisle in an exquisite gown, looking elegant and mesmerizing.

The joyful reception took place on the enchanting terrace of the Hotel Villa Fraulo overlooking the towns and the endless stretch of sea below, creating an atmosphere of pure romance. The sound of soft music filled the air, seamlessly woven with the occasional joyous laughter of friends and family.

The magic of the evening continued at the enchanting Hotel Villa Fraulo, where tables adorned with flickering candlelight and delicate roses awaited the guests. An exquisite Italian feast delighted the senses, tantalizing taste buds with dishes made from locally sourced ingredients. Laughter, clinking of glasses, and the mingling of loved ones who travelled from different corners of the globe filled the air, creating an ambiance of happiness, and the pure joy of togetherness.

The most wonderful surprise was the dazzling display of fireworks illuminating the sky, which formed the backdrop as Chantel and Pier took to the dance floor for their first dance as husband and wife. The cake was cut, the champagne glasses were filled and clinked as this unforgettable moment was formed. This extraordinary destination wedding in Italy, will forever be etched in the memories of all who were fortunate to witness this celebration of love amidst the breathtaking beauty of hilltop Ravello overlooking the Amalfi Coast.