David & Rachael / Lake Maggiore / Italy

David & Rachael / Lake Maggiore / Italy

All of me loves all of you

Videographer: Missing Piece Films Italy
Venue: Verbania, Lake Maggiore
Coordinator: Rachael Moorthy
Photographer: Simply Sweet Photography



This wedding in Italy was the coming together of two continents, two cultures and heartfelt love at the historic Villa Rusconi-Clerici on the banks of Lake Maggiore, Italy. Our bride, the glamorous and bubbly Rachael who hails from Vancouver, Canada met her charming Swiss prince whilst on vacation in Ireland. Their love story was beautifully described in personalised wedding vows conducted in both German and English. Missing Piece Films Italy has a particular skill at editing multi-lingual scripts and we share this with you in our wedding video of “All of me loves all of you”.


Villa Rusconi-Clerici is a grand 1700s villa decorated with immaculately maintained antiques, cabinetry, furnishings and the artistic detail of Italian artisans of centuries gone by. It’s a treasure chest. The wedding couple use an upstairs lake view room en-suite for bridal prep and other exquisite rooms in the villa for the couple video shoot all of which are viewable in the scenes in the video of this wedding in Italy. Guests may wander around and admire all that there is to see inside the villa. This Italian wedding venue boasts magnificent gardens with lawns and views to the lake and is perfect for your summer time outdoor wedding in Italy.


Here are Rachael’s words which capture the essence of her experience on the day and having worked with Missing Piece Films Italy:


“There are inarticulable essences and sweeping forms of beauty that transcend space and time and are not possible to preserve in a photograph, or even a film…however, as I hover my finger over a frame, I can remember the smell of the camellias, the sound of my sisters laughing under the Aurelian light of dusk, and the sweet relief of the lakeside breeze under the Italian sun. I can taste gold bubbles of Prosecco, feel my mother’s hand on my back and a whisper of “this is it”, and hear the music swell as we danced across the garden and light danced across the surface of the lake. We cannot buy more time with the ones we love, this is a most painful truth, but having this video has allowed us to revel in these memories for a little longer, and there is little more sacred than that.”


– Rachael Moothy, bride