Stacey & Chris Casale Cardini, Tuscany

Stacey & Chris Casale Cardini, Tuscany

Heaven for a day

Videographer: Missing Piece Films Italy
Photographer: Stefania Palumbo
Venue: Casale Cardini, Foiano della Chiana Tuscany
Coordinator: Stacey & Chris


On a very hot summer’s day in July in the heart of Tuscany at a casale which overlooks the cypress-lined rolling hills towards a hilltop town that so defines Tuscany, Stacey and Chris were wed. Their wedding in Italy which had been planned and detailed by the warm and adventurous couple was everything that a Tuscan wedding in Italy should be. This location in a famous part of the Italian countryside was warm and welcoming in true charming Tuscan style. Scenes of rows of olive trees and lavender with buzzing bees hovering over the blossoms in the heat of the day, it all looked and felt picture-book perfect. A grove of ancient olives formed the backdrop of the couple video shoot which turned out to be a splendid part of the wedding video – the beautiful Tuscan light and moody moments say it all.

The caters from nearby Umbria and well known for their exceptional Italian cuisine arrived to set up this special occasion, this wedding in Italy. Two long tables laid out with crocheted linen, sparkling crystal and perfectly placed silverware turned this into an elegant setting under the Tuscan sky.

Stacey and Chris had driven all the way from the United Kingdom and along with them came their two beloved pets, their beautiful huskies Ragnar and Meiko. They too were part of the wedding party at this splendid wedding in Italy,  bedecked in twinkly collars and special dog-corsages, they co-operated as well trained dogs do and felt happy to be part of this momentous occasion.

Stacey and Chris chose Casale Cardini, Foiano della Chiana in the heart Tuscany for their destination wedding where they would be guaranteed great food, fun and the warm hospitality of the Italian countryside.

The couple loved Tuscany and having travelled here in the past, their dream was to have everyone experience theirheaven for a day. This dream of their Tuscany, and their wedding in Italy we believe was delivered upon.