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When it comes to Wedding Films It’s all about story, your story!

Think about your favourite films you have watched in the cinema or on TV and what single thing stood out most about those films and your answer would usually be without giving it a second thought would be the story. Yes, you may also recall the excellent cinematography and music score but it’s the story that you reflect upon most.

So, where do we as wedding filmmakers find your story on your wedding day?

Your story is discovered and unfolds during the narrative of the wedding day.

Let’s start with the beginning of your day when preperations are taking place in the bridal suite and grooms room.

Writing to each other and presenting it in the form of a letter or card to be opened during prep is lovely approach to show your love for one another and just let each other know that you are connected early in the day. Your response to the card or letter and sometimes small gift is filmed. Most importantly the written word is recorded and carefully crafted into your wedding film.

Speeches probably carry the most commonly used narrative for your story. What is usually spoken about by are when you first met, what your initial thoughts were at the time etc. We don’t wish to be prescriptive when it comes to speeches, since what is being said by yourselves and those delivering a speech makes your wedding film and story authentic and unique.

Vows are your personal expression of love for each other, your vows are not only words of love and commitment to each other on the day, they are also words that will be heard by your family and friends which just elevates the ceremony and makes it that much more special. Moments like this find their way into your wedding film adding to the story!

Readings on the day which mostly take place during the ceremony may include poems, a particular written word from a friend or family member. These reading are another great thread weaving your story together and in most instances will form part of your story in the wedding film.
A “First look” is another enduring moment where words are spoken, again these words find their way into the framework of your story.

As a wedding filmmaker we carefully craft the narrative of your day into your story making your wedding film a reflection of you and your love that you will wish to return to time and time again to remind you of the day your said your “I do’s”.